As a business we consider sustainable practices wherever possible. Whether it’s the materials used, methods adopted or finer details, we aim to be conscious of our carbon footprint in every aspect of The Coast Creative, and are constantly on the lookout to improve the way that we do things. Read on to find out about the choices we have already made to ensure our business treads lightly on the Earth.

Certified Sustainable Materials

We strive to use eco-conscious materials wherever possible. All our timber and sheet materials are FSC certified, meaning that the Forest Stewardship Council UK confirms that the forest where the wood was sourced is managed in a way that preserves biological diversity. They also uphold standards that benefit the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring it sustains economic viability. This forest management certification guarantees that the woodland is cared for under strict environmental, social and economic standards.

Another material often utilised in our designs is carbon neutral Richlite. A sheet material made from resin-infused paper, the finished product is approximately 65% FSC®-certified or recycled paper content and 35% phenolic resin. It carries Rainforest Alliance, FSC and Greenguard certification (ensuring that a product has met some of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of VOCs). Find out more about Richlite here.

Alongside Richlite, we have also introduced carbon neutral FENIX to our range of materials. The surface of this highly resistant laminate plywood is made of 60% paper and 40% thermosetting resins and is proudly carbon-neutral. Through implementation of a long-term sustainability strategy, the company that creates FENIX is now offsetting its carbon emissions. They are doing this through waste-to-energy carbon offsetting projects that use the methane gas released from landfills to generate electricity. Read more about FENIX here. 

Save Space, Save Waste

At the heart of the Coast Creative workshop is our CNC machine. Computer aided design and computer numerically controlled manufacture is a method of production that allows us to automate the control, movement and precision of our cutting machines through a computer. We create and input the design through special software, which in turn cuts, drills, routes and engraves the material to the exact measurements required. This allows us to “nest” pieces, panels and components really close together, therefore minimising offcuts and wastage.

Reduced Emissions

Everything we create is proudly UK made by the team in our Cornish workshop. This reduces shipping, air miles and transportation emissions. All of our furniture is designed as flat pack which reduces space when shipping, meaning we can fit more in a van or container, and means that us and our furniture couriers aren’t driving a load of fresh air around!

Buy Once, Buy Better

We pride ourselves on transcending trends to make something timeless. The opposite of fast fashion, we design and build products that will last in terms of both taste and durability. By working with the client to explain the implications of different material decisions around the home, we achieve our mission to create long lasting, practical and durable interiors that’ll serve you well.

Are you interested in reducing the environmental impact of  your interior project? We’d love to hear from you.