A development of our popular ModSys collection, our newest range, ModPop, has a few playful differences. Inject a ‘pop’ of colour into your home or commercial space with functional furniture featuring our latest offering, FENIX. 

We’re excited to be adding FENIX laminated plywood to our archive of materials as it is carbon-neutral and available in an array of colours. It is highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, dry heat and household cleaning products. It works well in homes as it is soft to the touch, anti-finger print and suitable for contact with food. 

FENIX is made of 60% paper and 40% thermosetting resins. They are combined through a simultaneous heat and pressure pressing process, resulting in a non-porous, non-reflective, strong material. The product is then treated on the outer surface with next generation acrylic resins that are hardened and fixed through an Electron Beam Curing process. This technology is revolutionary as EBC creates a dense grid of cross-polymers with their own memory. If the surface does become scratched, it can be reactivated with heat, encouraging the surface to go back to its original non-scratched appearance. 

For our furniture applications we use FENIX laminated FSC plywood, so we gain material thickness and strength from the plywood that is then laminated on the top and bottom faces with FENIX, providing a choice of hard-wearing coloured surfaces.

We love FENIX for many reasons. One of which is that it is available in an extensive and curated array of matt colour schemes. The company aim to launch new colours often, with current interior design trends in mind. We are looking forward to incorporating these colour-ways into our ModPop range, which includes benches, side tables, dining sets and stools. 

First developed a decade ago, FENIX is now proudly carbon-neutral. Through their implementation of a long-term sustainability strategy, the company is now offsetting its carbon emissions. They are doing this through waste-to-energy carbon offsetting projects that use the methane gas released from landfills to generate electricity. 

We are excited to launch our new FENIX ModPop range soon, and look forward to hearing your feedback on the new products. As always, we can make Coast Creative furniture bespoke to your preferred sizes and colour-scheme, so please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your ideas.