Coast Creative brings together the respective skills of three Cornwall based entrepreneurs, creating an alchemy of design and craftsmanship. A company uniquely equipped to deliver spaces and products that enhance the way you live.

Our Craft

We design and build Interior spaces that reflect your individuality and respond to the way you dream of living.


Our Belief

Your home should be a synergy of design, craftsmanship and self-expression. It should facilitate the way you aspire to live and enable you to enjoy that life with your kindred spirits.

Our Mission

We created a company that seeks to positively impact the way you live by guiding your self-expression.

A more functional and beautiful environment will improve your homelife, social life, personal relationships and self esteem. A home that communicates who you are to those who enter it. A home that works for you and your family exactly the way it should. A beautiful home you can be proud of.

Our Difference

  • We can turn even the fuzziest of ideas into perfectly functioning and beautiful reality.
  • Quotes are accompanied with highly detailed 3D visuals, allowing you to truly see how the space will look and function.
  • Firm delivery and installation dates give you a total piece of mind.
  • We build every item in our workshop, here in Cornwall. For total control of the process and the results.
  • Our Directors are hands-on at every stage, ensuring the best possible finish.
  • Our unmatched range of skills allow you to create a home as unique and arresting as you dreamed it would be.

Luke – The Artist

Luke is the sort of talented designer who can start with a blank piece of paper and a couple of questions, steadily building a concept that perfectly meets your needs, your tastes and space. Attentive to how you would like your home to work for and represent you, he’s able to suggest functionality options and a palette of materials to suit.

A BA in Product Design and MA in Design Thinking, with a relaxed, considered approach, he’s there to guide you on your journey to a better way of living.

Nick – The Craftsman

Nick is, by any measure, the complete 21st century craftsman: a time-served carpenter who trained as a boat builder before moving into cabinet making and joinery. He founded a fitted interiors business that soon became renowned for his high standards and meticulous attention to detail. Nick takes the design concept you have created with Luke, then, with the workshop team, painstakingly plans and executes its construction and installation.

Dave – The Strategist

A talented metalworker who left the specialty coffee industry to follow his dream of being a furniture maker. Dave grew his tiny start-up brand into a thriving business, shipping pieces to homes and offices in cities all over the world. He now handles all the operations, scheduling and finance, as well as overseeing all of the metalwork and engineering that has become such a striking and unique feature of our installations. We also still make and sell his beautiful furniture.