medium modpop table in white fenix being used as a dining tablecorner detail of modpop desk with rust red Fenix desk top, white brackets and solid oak legslarge modpop dining table with chairs around itpile of plates on the end of a modpop dining tablelarge modpop table with navy blue fenix top set up as a dining table with plates, bread and a vase of flowers onModpop desk with white fenix table top, white brackets and solid oak legsModpop desk with black fenix table top, white brackets and solid oak legsLarge Modpop desk with a grey fenix table top and solid oak legsModpop desk with rust red fenix table top, yellow brackets and solid oak legsFenix table and bench tops in a range of colours for the Modpop range of furniturefour modsys furniture brackets in whitemodsys furniture brackets in pastel coloursunderside of a piece of modpop furniture showing the mechanical fixing and bracket systemmodsys furniture brackets in royal blue

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A beautiful, minimalist table or desk with a Fenix table top, solid oak legs and an innovative bracket system in coloured steel.

ModPop Fenix Table:

Show off your excellent design tastes as well as your cooking skills with our ModPop Fenix table. Pick the colour of the tabletop and bench seats to perfectly match your decor and then season liberally with yet more colour from the steel brackets!

This dining set is an evolution of the one in our much loved ModSys range, with the addition of Fenix laminates on the horizontal surfaces for a pop of ultra-matt colour. We have also upgraded the legs from plywood to solid oak.

Fenix is a scratch resistant surface with low light reflectivity, extremely opaque, soft touch and anti-fingerprint so not only does it look amazing and feel lovely, it’s incredibly durable. For more information about this fantastic material please click here.

All the tops and legs in our ModSys and ModPop ranges are completely interchangeable so you can re-purpose or refresh your existing peices whenever you feel like a change!


Step 1 – Choose Your Size

Four Seater – 120 x 75cm.

Six Seater – 160 x 75cm.

Eight Seater – 160 x 90cm.

Slim – 120 x 60cm.

Mini – 100 x 600.

Micro – 85 x 500cm.

Please select your size in from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the listing.


Step 2 – Choose Your Top Colour

The Fenix top is availablin in eight colours:

White | Light Grey | Black | Burgundy | Sage | Navy | Cream | Graphite

Please select the Fenix colour from the drop-down menu at the bottom.


Step 3 – Choose your bracket colour

There’s a huge choice of colours for the brackets. Each with a corresponding RAL and Pantone reference, so you can perfectly coordinate your table with it’s environment. Please click here to download a swatch chart. Simply enter the colour code for your brackets in the ‘Notes’ box during checkout.


Caring For Your Fenix Table

Your table will arrive flat-packed but it’s very easy to assemble. We supply all the bolts, you will just need a #4 hex-key to tighten them up. Your table also requires no maintenance. Fenix materials are highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, dry heat, acid-based solvents and household reagents. We simply advise that you wipe up spillages promptly and protect the surfaces from excessive heat when possible.


Lead-Time & Shipping:

Tracked, worldwide shipping is totally free. We make all of our products to order so please allow up to four weeks for your table or desk to be delivered.


Customise Me

If you require bespoke sizing, height or have any questions, please get in touch.

From £780.00£1,315.00

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