This weekend sees motorsport’s golden age of design, function, performance, and style return to Goodwood in West Sussex, along with a good old fashioned British eccentricity. Goodwood Revival harks back to the days when the cars that lined up on the starting grid wore their country’s colours rather than their sponsor’s logos: British Racing Green, Rosso Corsa, and Bleu de France.

A standout character, for us, of the 20th century’s driving greats is Argentinian Juan Manuel Fangio. Fangio (or “El Maestro”, as he was known) won five World Driver’s Championships – a record that stood for 46 years. In the 1950s drivers wore minimal protective equipment, racing with no harness and often on circuits with no safety features. In the clip below (from a 1980s documentary film), Fangio is in his sixties driving a Lancia-Ferrari D50 around a “temporarily closed” Monaco street circuit. The car’s fuel tanks were housed in the side fenders (between the front and rear wheels), just in case sliding sideways around a corner in a vintage racing car wearing just a t-shirt and open face helmet wasn’t spicy enough.

hairpin leg bar chair in rosso corsa vintage motor racing style

“When a car goes well, and the engine note is harmonious, the noise makes a form of music; the driver is like a conductor…”


Never being afraid to break the rules, or to push the boundaries is something that appeals to us. Why accept the status quo?

Precisely what Henry Ford accomplished in making the motor car available to the masses. Why should something that is considered a luxury not be accessible for more than just the elite?


“You can have any colour you like, so long as its black”
– Henry Ford

Well, luckily, we’ve moved on from Ford’s design and colour provisions. Colour options in this day and age are infinite. Its ability to set a tone, create a mood or make a statement should not be underestimated. Pair colour with design and apply it to furniture and you have either a centre piece, perhaps even something akin to a sculpture, or you have a piece that blends into a room and compliments its surroundings. Perhaps the piece of furniture in question supports a computer, a set of books, a noisy family, or maybe it’s the setting for a quiet dinner, two old friends having a beer, a work interview, or a contract winning pitch.

Perhaps you want it to do all of that and more.

The concept at Cord has always been to offer furniture that meets a simple design criteria: each item must work perfectly and last forever.

But lives change, spaces change, and our tastes change, which is why we believe a new generation of more flexible furniture is required. Businesses must hark back to old values of quality and durability, they must source good, responsibly produced materials and they must create products with timeless design merit that serves the customer.

So the question today isn’t whether you prefer Rosso Corsa Red or British Racing Green; it’s when do you feel like switching?

Featured Product: Hairpin leg bar seat with backrest, with cherry wood seat and backrest, in red.