What is a piece of furniture made of? Take a look around you at any item of furniture in the room you’re currently in and you could probably guess at a fair few of the materials and fixings. There are of course all of the things that you can’t see too, and we don’t mean the filling in your sofa cushions; there’s the hours of research, design, prototyping, testing and skilled labour that went in to making your furniture. Here at Cord, there are no hidden ingredients in the pieces in our ranges; you can see every component piece. They’re made from wood, steel, some powder coat paint, and man-hours. That’s all. Here’s what that looks like for one of our popular hairpin leg bar chairs:

Solid steel rod sits in the rack above piles of precision laser-cut steel back-rests, seat bases and back-rest brackets.
Steel rod for the hairpin legs is cut, bent by hand using a custom-made jig, and then cut again to the correct height.
All fifteen of the component pieces for one of our hairpin leg bar chairs (in oak) laid out ready to be welded together, powder coated, and assembled.
The finished product, fully assembled. We ship our hairpin leg bar chairs with the seat-top and back-rest detached and individually packaged for extra protection and to save space.

Shop our hairpin leg bar chairs, available in a range of timbers and over 200 colours, here.