Good design is about solving a problem, and that is exactly what the latest addition to the Cord Industries range does.

The result of a collaboration with spatial and interior designer Rachael Pashley at Cornwall’s Quay Studio, our new laptop table is suitable for use at home but was designed primarily to meet the needs of large conference venues, educational settings and work-spaces. The problem? Lap-top tables are for the most part inordinately expensive and aren’t very well made. When Quay Studio were designing the new conference and work areas at tech and communications hub Goonhilly Earth Station, try as they might they could not source suitable tables at a reasonable price. The answer? They worked with us to design a table that delivered a significant cost saving, using premium materials and made by us here in the UK.

To learn more about Racheal, the work that they do at Quay and their values and inspirations, we fired a few questions her way:

Can you tell us how and why you got in to designing interior spaces, and how Quay Studio came to be?

For as long as I can remember I have always had a passion for spaces and the environment I’m in.  A love of the natural world, textures, materials, lighting and unusual features is my driving force. My further education (BA (hons) in spatial design at Falmouth), combined with having a strong sustainable approach to any designs, made me a conscientious and empathetic designer, always researching the latest sustainable materials and designing things that last and stand the test of time.  Having worked in-house for a number of years at various design companies I felt that I wanted to spend more time understanding the client’s needs, taking a sustainable approach and not being restricted to picking furniture off the shelf. Making a space memorable and not having limitations on designing bespoke furniture and features excites me which then lead to the creation of Quay Studio. We are an independent design company that listens to the client’s needs whether it’s for commercial or residential projects. If we can’t find it, we will design it and work closely with our trusted suppliers/makers who we have built relationships with, such as Cord Industries. The A11 laptop table is a good example: we realised we needed to make this and we filled a niche that’s sustainable, affordable and stylish.

You work across a number of different areas, covering a wide range of commercial and residential projects.  Are there any threads or themes that you carry across, regardless of the project or the brief?

 The main theme we carry across is sustainability. Through a lot of research we have gained relationships with many suppliers who can provide UK made products and finished with a low carbon footprint. We try to work with as many Cornwall based companies as possible to support the local community and economy.

What’d your dream project look like?

It’s hard to say what our dream project would look like. We like a lot of different styles and transition organically with what’s new and fresh in terms of trends. A dream project would be one in which every detail has been thought through, whether it’s an impact feature or a electrical socket!

Can you tell us about the project that you recently completed for Goonhilly Earth Station? 

The brief for Goonhilly Earth Station was to create new stand out facilities for staff and visitors, inspired by the work of Goonhilly. The facilities needed to be renewed in order to align with the growing business. We were commissioned to provide the concept design, 3D visualisation, technical drawings, F, F & E specification & furniture for 4 key areas: Conference & Meeting Room, Cafe, WC’S and Exterior.

Inspired by the satellite structures and being sympathetic to the existing building we used a mixture of industrial finishes mixed with warm fabrics. The current building did not have comfortable spaces for staff to have lunch or relax due to the location of the site and so needed to be addressed. The new spaces are designed to cater for agile working allowing meetings, hot desking and socialising to happen in a number of different settings.

This project had a strict budget and we wanted to make sure we provided the quality and function desired hence the collaboration with Dave from Cord Industries. This collaboration ensured we provided key elements such as the laptop table in a high quality finish within budget.

Phase one, which is the conference centre, completed last summer and was enjoyed as the VIP area for the Apollo 50 event. We are very much looking forward to seeing the rest of the phases roll out.

What do you think will be the next big things in interior and spatial design? 

We think you will start to see more and more sustainable materials and products being used with the latest technology.  It is always a question we ask our suppliers, where it is made and what is it made from. We think there is a big drive to meet the needs of conscious designers. Manufacturers seem to be focusing on the need for their products to be manufactured in the UK or to incorporate recycled materials. A good example of this is some luxury carpet samples we received recently which are made from old fishing nets. They feel soft and look stunning…just like any other luxury carpet on the market.

As far as inspiration we love to look at Australian projects and designers. They are bang on with trends and have a signature elegance. We take inspiration from this in both domestic and commercial projects – light and airy with lots of plants and textures!

Find out more about Quay Studio, view their past projects, and get in touch with them here.

The Cord Industries x Quay Studio A11 Richlite laptop/conference table is a UK registered design, registration number 6077021.