Whether you need additional kitchen counter space or storage, dream of adding a communal area to a purely functional room or want to explore how design can add depth to your kitchen, a kitchen island could be the answer you’re looking for. Below, Coast Creative’s Design Director Luke, shares his expertise and ideas on the kitchen island, and why integrating one could elevate your space. 

Bespoke Creations For Our Clients

We design and build interior spaces that reflect your individuality and respond to the way you dream of living. With the skills and access to work with practically any material, allow your imagination and self-expression to lead the way. 

“Whilst a kitchen island commonly matches the rest of the room, it can also be an opportunity to experiment with a complimentary yet contrasting pallet. As more appliances are tailored towards the kitchen island, we are able to explore new and exciting layouts, materials and finishes.”

Our offering of bespoke designs for clients allows you to personalise every aspect. From the ergonomics and practicality to the way the material choices compliment the space, we aim to make your design as functional as possible, allowing you to live with ease in a space that makes you smile. 

kitchen island at noordhoek by coast creative

Make Transitional Tools Great Again

Versatile in their design, a kitchen island doesn’t solely provide more preparation or meeting space, but can serve as a subtle division between the working space of a kitchen and a more relaxed living area in the same room. 

“Islands and peninsulas are great transitional tools within a layout. The kitchen facing side can be functional with its look, layout and material choice, whilst the opposing side can be designed to compliment the space it faces.”

Practical design that looks good creates balance. Working alongside our clients from beginning to end, we strive to create design that eliminates stress. Transitional tools link a room, allowing life to be seamless. In turn, this creates a home that works for you and your family, exactly the way it should. 

under counter storage on kitchen island by coast creative

Create A Homely Hub

Making a house a home is very important to us. Your home should be a synergy of design, craftsmanship and self-expression. It should facilitate the way you aspire to live and enable you to enjoy that life with your kindred spirits.

“Whilst occasionally a client will request a highly functional kitchen island, it is more common that the main focus of the island is to create a social space within the kitchen landscape. Our brief is often to design a meeting point within the home environment to steer heavy use away from the working kitchen itself.”

We firmly believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and all the best conversations happen over dinner with your loved ones. By creating a space that people naturally gravitate towards, you are nurturing the simple things, which normally turn out to be the most important things. 

kitchen island at keynvor by coast creative

Integration Into The Space 

Kitchen islands were born from the traditional farmhouse table. Often situated centrally in the room, it was used for preparing, plating, gathering and eating. Many large, modern homes have now relocated the table to the dining room, but the island draws us back into the kitchen where the action happens. 

“It is common to incorporate seating into an island’s design, however it’s worth considering options beyond a simple overhanging counter. Sometimes islands can feel more like an add-on than something that belongs there, making them visually isolating. We strive to incorporate elements that will better integrate an island within a space.”

Exciting design and innovative ideas are what we pride ourselves on. If the standard set up doesn’t suit your space, let us create something specifically tailored to your style, which will communicate who you are to everyone who enters your home. 

kitchen island at little dillow by coast creative

Get Creative With The Design 

Whether you want your island to blend in seamlessly or stand out with confidence, our team makes the design process enjoyable, exciting and collaborative. 

“On the subject of spatial integration, there are a number of design features that can help; steps down; a tiered approach like running a table top from it; dividing space around an island with partial shelving or screens; hanging lighting or glass storage. When making design decisions such as these we call upon the skills of our metal work department to create shelving, storage and table top supports. Our team can also add tangible connections between an island or peninsular and the surrounding space, without having to rely on the visual weight of traditional cabinetry.”

With extensive experience in cabinet and furniture making, product design and metalworking, we love nothing more than bringing to life the ideas of our clients. Working independently or alongside architects and interior designers, we aim to create a functional, beautiful environment that improves home, social and personal life. 

If you’re feeling inspired to explore your design options, then get in touch. Let us make your dream home a reality by combining Luke’s eye for detail and design, paired with the functional yet beautiful work produced in the Coast Creative workshop.