NHS and Emergency Services heroes now get 25% off any direct purchase from our web store with the Blue Light Card scheme.

My twin brother Mike told me about the Blue Light Card, and so I signed Cord up immediately; Mike is a helicopter pilot for Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex (that’s him flying the helicopter in the photo above), responding to emergencies in which every second counts to get medics to the scenes of serious accidents and transferring critical patients to hospital as quickly as possible. I’m incredibly proud of the work that he does and like many people the COVID-19 crisis has prompted me to look for a way to show appreciation for all of those working so hard on the frontlines – now and every day.

I know that right now, in the midst of the worst pandemic in living memory, doctors, nurses, hospital porters, social care workers, and almost all of the people who qualify for a Blue Light Card will be so busy that new stools for their breakfast bar or a new dining room table won’t be on the cards. But when we have turned a corner on this and their lives are starting to get back to some sort of normal, and perhaps they are thinking of getting a new item of furniture, the Blue Light Card scheme will mean that they can get a decent discount on a handmade item from Cord’s range. If you have a Blue Light hero in your life, do please let them know (when the time is right).

Thanks to Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex and photographer Chris Howe for allowing us to use this amazing image of my brother Mike at work.