How The Coast Creative Use Cookies

We use cookies to collect information about visitor behaviour and patterns. A cookie is a very small text file (they are often encrypted), usually containing a unique identifier, which is sent to the device that you are viewing a webpage on by the webpage itself, and which is stored on your device’s hard drive and then accessed by that website every time you return to that site. To ensure privacy, only the webpage that sent the cookie, can access it. We use this data (which pages are visited the most, how long a visitor spends on a page etc) to tailor and improve what we offer and our online content. None of this information identifies you as an individual. We also use the Meta Pixel to collect similar information about visitor behaviour and patterns to allow us to optimise how we spend marketing budget on Facebook and Instagram.


Turning Off Cookies

New browsers give you the choice to turn off cookies, meaning that you will not receive cookies from any website. This will mean that you cannot access some areas of some websites, and will not enjoy the optium experience on many websites.

You can find more information about cookies, including how to turn them off and how to delete them from your browser cache at