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Our Modsys range of modular flatpack furniture is designed around a single, simple bracket. With one bracket design and a choice of legs and tops, many configurations are possible; a desk can become a coffee table, by swapping the legs out, a stool can become a bench by replacing the seat with a larger one, and so on. The legs are attached by both a mechanical and physical joint, with the component pieces accurately machined to offer a tight physical joint that the bracket further secures. We think it’s the future of flatpack furniture.

Here at Cord, there are no hidden ingredients in our furniture; you can see every component piece. They’re made from wood, steel, some powder coat paint, some hex bolts and man-hours. Nothing else. Here’s how one of our Modsys pieces comes together – in this case it’s a bench, but the process is exactly the same for every item in the Modsys range.

Step 1: The Modsys bracket design is cut out of sheet steel using a laser cutter, folded and powder coated.
Step 2: Brackets are powdercoated in any one of 200 RAL colours that the customer can choose from.
Step 3: Legs and tops are machine cut from 24mm birch-face plywood to ensure absolute accuracy.
Step 4: The top, legs, brackets and bolts are securely packaged and shipped to you. Shipping items flat reduces the cost (both financial and on the environment).
Step 5: Assembly is push-fit and then a #4 hex key is used to tighten the bolts.
Step 6: Take a weight off.

The Modsys range features dining tables and sets, desks, side tables, benches and stools, all using the same interchangeable system.